This Is A “CRAPPIE” Episode! We’ve Got Doug Wynn, Professional Guide on Kentucky Lake, To Share Some Of His Wisdom.

June 12, 2018

Join J. Paul Jackson and co-host Dave Reynolds this week as they explore Crappie fishing with a true master. Owner of Crappie-Gills-n-More guide service Doug Wynn was been fishing Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake for 50 years. With his trusty Bay Pro 203 "Fishful Thinking" Doug is an authority on many species of fish and a huge asset to his community by providing daily fishing reports and other important information to provide anglers of all levels with the best fishing experience possible. 

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Fishing Is Life! From Mobile Alabama, We Have Jake Markris!

June 6, 2018


On this episode of the Excel Boats' On The X Podcast, Powered by Mud Buddy Motors, we have Mobile Bay fisherman extraordinaire, Jake Markris from Fairhope, Alabama. Join hosts J. Paul Jackson and Dave Reynolds as they pick up some great tips for fishing success on Mobile Bay. The guys discuss the importance of conservation of bay waters, and of course, we have to learn what snacks you will find in Jake's boat cooler. It's another fantastic episode you don't want to miss.


The Return Of CampChef! We’ve Got Ryan Neeley With Us To Share His Secrets Of Outdoor Eating

May 22, 2018

In this episode of Excel Boat's On The X Podcast, Powered By Mud Buddy Motors, join our host J. Paul Jackson as he sits down with Keith Mitchel, Mud Buddies' customer service guru, and Ryan Neeley from CampChef. These three grillmasters share not only there love for cooking outdoors, but give up some of their best secrets of success. Plus, you might even get some practical advice. Tune in now, for another exciting episode.


Ben Potter from Cana Outdoors goes over filming in hardcore weather conditions while getting the best footage

May 8, 2018

Ben Potter from Cana Outdoors goes over the harsh environments they go through to get those perfect photos and videos that no one is willing to get.

While out in the field Ben has to adapt to tough conditions from rain, thunderstorms, snow storms, hail and much more. But, while filming in these conditions you can get the best footage while embracing mother nature.



Special Guest:

Ben Potter-

Dave Reynolds-


Special Guest Freddy King goes over the mud motor/surface drive ban on all state owned properties in Arkansas.

March 30, 2018

On this weeks episode, we have Freddy King with us as we discuss the mud motor/surface drive ban that the Arkansas commissioners are considering. We go over what type of impact it would have if it passes and what it means for all Waterfowlers as well as residents and business owners in Arkansas.


If you would like to help and participate then please click this link and fill out the survey---- Click Here


Special Guest:

Freddy King



Special Guest George Young Jr. goes over cat fishing events, fish slaps and much more!

March 23, 2018

In this episode we go over catfishing tournaments, Mississippi River Monsters, the NEW Storm Cat 230 by Excel Boats, and great laughs. J Paul dives into catfish conservation with George Young Jr and discusses why it’s important with how many catfishermen are out there now. George Young Jr. and J Paul Jackson announce a special surprise for all the catfishermen out there.

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Special Guest

George Young Jr.



Special Guest Chad Waugh Goes Over Excel Boats New Storm Cat 230 and Catfishing.

March 14, 2018

On this weeks episode of "On the X" we have a special guest Chad Waugh who is a Pro-Staff member of Excel Boats. J Paul Jackson goes over the NEW Storm Cat 230 with Chad Waugh and all of its great features for catfishing. The boys go over conservation of catfish and why it's important to catch and release. Chad Waugh also goes over Noodling which is a certain way of catching catfish and he gives his insights on the sport. If your looking to know more about the Excel Boats Storm Cat 230 and catfishing then this episode is for you!


Special Guest 

Chad Waugh



Special Guest Sophie Swaney Joins The Excel and Mud Buddy Pro Staff.

February 27, 2018

 J Paul Jackson introduces Sophie Swaney to the Excel Boat and Mud Buddy Motor team. J Paul Jackson speaks with Sophie Swaney and Jason Croxford from Mud Buddy about hunting, fishing and some amazing new things that are coming out at Excel Boats

 Sophie Swaney goes over how she started in hunting and is now going to school to be a gunsmith. We go over how Sophie Swaney started as your average girl to becoming a top Instagram hunting profile for many.


Special Guest:

Sophie Swaney


Special Guest Jeff Coats (Pitbosswaterfowl) talks about sea duck hunting and shark fishing. Dave Reynolds goes over a new boat for Excel boats.

February 13, 2018

Today we have a special guest Jeff Coats AKA Pitbosswaterfowl. J Paul Jackson and Dave Reynolds speak with him about sea duck hunting, waterfowling, shark fishing and cooking certain waterfowl.  With all the great talk J Paul Jackson and Dave Reynolds has a special announcement for all of our listeners! The boys go over cooking certain waterfowl and what is the best type of meat to cook and how to actually cook some waterfowl. We announce Jeff Coats as Excel Boats and Mudbuddy Motors new Pro-Staff member. Jeff Coats goes over which boat he is excited to get in.



Special Guest:


Jeff Coats (Pitbosswaterfowl)







Special guest Glade Harris with BackWater Performance and Micah Triplett with MudBuddy talking about Mud Motor Performance Parts and Waterfowl Hunting.

January 30, 2018

J Paul Speaks with Glade and Micah about the new grab bar Trim Switch from MudBuddy Motors and BackWater Performance. J Paul goes over how much he really enjoys his MudBuddy 4400 HDR with reverse.

Glade and Micah go over how the idea came from design to production and how MudBuddy has been able to stay ahead of the game in the Mud Motors Industry.
Glade Harris with Backwater Performance goes over waterfowl hunting in Utah and how dealing with the weather conditions has made it hard this year for all waterfowlers.


Special Guest:


Glade Harris With Backwater Performance



Micah Triplett with MudBuddy Motors