Prepping For Duck Season (Part 3) w/ Freddy King - Etiquette In The Field, Young Hunters Safety, And The Final Wrap Up

September 11, 2018

The final part in our "prepping for duck season series" with Freddy King. With his cadre of hosts, J. Paul Jadiscussesscuss proper etiquette in the field, from engine noise to sky busting. Dave reveals his secret to good duck calling and all the guys give their best advice for season prep to wrap up the series.

A big thank you to Freddy King for taking the time to be with us. Be sure to catch all three parts of this informative, often hilarious series brought to you by Excel Boat's On The X Podcast, Powered By Mud Buddy Motors.


Do Your Ladies Hunt? They Should! - Sophie Swaney Is On The X

September 4, 2018

J. Paul and Jeffrey get a new perspective on duck hunting this week after sitting down with Excel Pro Staffer Sophie Swaney and marketing maven Ambre Hatch. These two ladies really know their stuff and share their tips to make duck hunting accessible to everyone. This episode is the perfect introduction for your wives and daughters.


Duck Season 2018 With Freddy King (Part 2) - Animal Crackers, A Floating Hat, And Don’t Blow-Torch Your Throttle Cable

August 28, 2018

Welcome to part 2!

Host J. Paul Jackson continues our discussion on preparing for the duck season. Special guest Freddy King is joined by Mud Buddy Motor's Head of Customer Service, Keith Mitchell to share his tips to keep your motor running strong.

Along with Dave Reynolds and Jeffrey Whitlock, we discuss a range of topics including animal rights activists, dumb duck hunting decisions, engine prep and repair and more. Get a hilarious look into the habits of some true professionals this week on the Excel Boat's On The X Podcast, Powered By Mud Buddy Motors.


Prepping For Duck Season With Freddy King (Part 1) - Personal Health, Dog Health, Equipment Maintenance and More

August 21, 2018

With early teal season just a month away; join the Excel crew in their discussion of season prep work. Topics include training your dog and the necessary precautions of training a dog in hot weather, conditioning yourself for the season, prepping your boat and motor, decoys, guns and just getting fired up for another season. This is an essential listen for every waterfowl hunter out there and we will continue the discussion next week on Excel


How To Cook… ANYTHING! Special Guest “The Sporting Chef,” Scott Leysath Is On The X

August 14, 2018

This week, we are joined by The Sporting Chef, Scott Leysath, one of our favorite experts on all things cookable. J. Paul Jackson & Jeffrey Whitlock get to ask some of their burning questions and learn what's good and what's less good to eat in in the wild. From Asian Carp to the best wine for a fish fry, this episode was a blast. Join us for the Excel Boats Presents On The X, Powered By Mud Buddy Motors.



SuperStar Andrew Flair Is On The X - Fishing, Filming, Baits and Boats

August 8, 2018

"On The X," has Youtube superstar and member of the Googan Squad, Andrew Flair. With first time co-host, Jeffrey Whitlock, J. Paul dives into the world of Youtube fame. The boys cover everything from the origins of the name "Googan Squad" to why his new Excel Boat is called "The Squeaker Seeker?" Join us for a fun and fascinating episode of the Excel Boats On The X Podcast, Powered by Mud Buddy Motors.


Two Masters Of Catfishing, Mr. Jeff Dodd And The Legendary Bill Dance Are On The X

July 10, 2018

This week, join special guests Jeff Dodd and Bill Dance as they razz each other, support each other and reminisce some of their biggest catches. These two are a hoot!

Plus, get an update on some of the biggest tournaments and events coming up this year and next year. Finally, the big question... do you call it a "rod" or a "pole."

It's all here in another fantastic episode of Excel Boat's On The X Podcast Powered By Mud Buddy Motors.


This Is A “CRAPPIE” Episode! We’ve Got Doug Wynn, Professional Guide on Kentucky Lake, To Share Some Of His Wisdom.

June 12, 2018

Join J. Paul Jackson and co-host Dave Reynolds this week as they explore Crappie fishing with a true master. Owner of Crappie-Gills-n-More guide service Doug Wynn was been fishing Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake for 50 years. With his trusty Bay Pro 203 "Fishful Thinking" Doug is an authority on many species of fish and a huge asset to his community by providing daily fishing reports and other important information to provide anglers of all levels with the best fishing experience possible. 

Find more about Doug Wynn here:


Fishing Is Life! From Mobile Alabama, We Have Jake Markris!

June 6, 2018


On this episode of the Excel Boats' On The X Podcast, Powered by Mud Buddy Motors, we have Mobile Bay fisherman extraordinaire, Jake Markris from Fairhope, Alabama. Join hosts J. Paul Jackson and Dave Reynolds as they pick up some great tips for fishing success on Mobile Bay. The guys discuss the importance of conservation of bay waters, and of course, we have to learn what snacks you will find in Jake's boat cooler. It's another fantastic episode you don't want to miss.


The Return Of CampChef! We’ve Got Ryan Neeley With Us To Share His Secrets Of Outdoor Eating

May 22, 2018

In this episode of Excel Boat's On The X Podcast, Powered By Mud Buddy Motors, join our host J. Paul Jackson as he sits down with Keith Mitchel, Mud Buddies' customer service guru, and Ryan Neeley from CampChef. These three grillmasters share not only there love for cooking outdoors, but give up some of their best secrets of success. Plus, you might even get some practical advice. Tune in now, for another exciting episode.