Special guest Rick Dunn from Echo Calls is on the x! We learn about the best calls for beginners, the hottest calls of the year and more.

January 23, 2018

In this weeks episode, we had the great pleasure of having Rick Dunn from Echo Calls take some time and speak with us about the best type of calls to use as a beginner, and then goes over his best seller, "The Ace In The Hole."

J Paul Jackson speaks with Rick on how he started Echo Calls and what it took to build his empire.
Rick Dunn goes over how much he really enjoys using his Excel Boat. J Paul speaks about how much he really trusts his Excel boat while being out in tough conditions.


Special Guest:

Rick Dunn

Echo Calls



Which decoys are effective in certain hunting environments, how to create realistic decoys for hunting, and how to understand the proper use of your decoys.

January 16, 2018

J Paul with Rocky and Frost, dive into which decoys are best to use in certain hunting environments with Ricky Hart From LuckyDuck to answer their questions. Ricky Hart explains the benefits of good, public land hunting, and how the pressure of moving the ducks makes it harder to hunt in certain areas.

J Paul learns about Lucky Airforce Decoys from Lucky Ducks new line of products.

The Boys go over Waterfowl that are adapting to our hunting strategies and the boys go over how to stay ahead of the game and unsure how to make realistic decoys.



Special Guest- Ricky Hart LuckyDuck


Should You Face Paint While Hunting??? Migration Reports for California and much more…

January 3, 2018

J Paul Jackson and Rocky Leflore speak with Kelly Brown from Bird Dog Waterfowl about face painting while hunting and if it matters. Rocky Leflore speaks about DuckSouth and the current migration report. J Paul Jackson explores Bird Dog WaterFowl with founder Kelly Brown and learns what the company has in store for the future.


Special Guest:

Kelly Brown from Bird Dog Waterfowl


How to cook waterfowl and harvest your meat, Why CampChef is the best pellet grill and much more….

December 19, 2017

J Paul Jackson speaks with a special guest, Ryan Neeley from Campchef, about how to properly cook your waterfowl and give it that amazing taste. Ryan touches base on how he spatchcocked a turkey while using his pellet CampChef Grill. Keith Mitchell from Mudbuddy Motors, goes over one of his Staff Faves called the "Mountain Man Breakfast" that he cooks on his CampChef Grill.

Special Guest:

Ryan Neeley- CampChef

Keith Mitchell- MudBuddy Motors





Everything you need to know about waterfowling in California With Scott Feist.

December 12, 2017

J Paul comes live from California where he and Scott Feist are hunting. The guys go over top waterfowl ducks for California and what has changed for waterfowl hunting in California. Rocky goes over how he has caught people night stealing from his pecan grove. J Paul and Scott go over how California Specklebelly hunting limit is 10 specs. The guys break down the type of waterfowl in California and what is most common to see in the bay area.


Guest: Scott Feist


What is the best Sitka Gear to wear in certain weather, Hunting all over the world and top hunting destinations.

December 5, 2017

In today's episode, we get the pleasure to speak to Ryan Bassham from Sitka Gear and find out what is the best type of Sitka gear to wear in certain weather environments. Ryan goes over the 4 different types of waterfowlers gear from Sitka. J Paul and the team speak about Gore-Tex and what makes it special when hunting. Ryan then enlightens us about some really good hunting tour guides to use for the most bang for your buck.

Speical Guest On The Show:

Ryan Bassham with Sitka Gear

Dave Reynolds with Excel Boats


2017 Waterfowl Migration, Duck Population and Love of Candy.

November 28, 2017

In this episode of Excel Boats presents On The X Podcast Podcast powered by MudBuddy Motors, J Paul, and the boys share their top candy picks of the season, duck population numbers for 2017 and commiserate the poor quality of their favorite football teams. Welcome back, everyone!!!

We have some great guest coming up on our podcast this year like the Guys at EchoCalls, MudBuddy Motors, Sitka, Excel Boats and hopefully the cast from strangerthings.


On The X Podcast: “What is The Best Gun Case For Airlines, Concealing a Pit, and Duck Hunting and History of Reelfoot Lake”

May 30, 2017

In this episode of the On The X podcast, the guys start off talking about about Memorial Day and what they like to eat on Memorial Day. Then, J Paul gives you his recommendation on what gun case works best with airline travel. After that, the guys talk a little about concealing and camoeing a pit blind. Finally, the guys finish talking about duck hunting history and geological history of Reelfoot Lake


4 Corner Properties: On The X Podcast: “Everything You Need To Know About Waterfowl Hunting In Canada With TJ Mallette”

May 23, 2017

In this episode of the On The X podcast, Rocky and Josh recap the weekend that was. They visit about wedding and wedding speeches. Then, TJ Mallette comes on and talks about his new adventure and guide business he is associated with in Canada. TJ has partnered up with Frontline Waterfowl in Saskatchewan. They will be offereing some of the best duck and goose combos hunts in Canada. If you are looking for a early season waterfowl hunt, TJ would be somebody we highly recommend. 


4 Corner Properties: On The X Podcast: “Duck Hunting Alaska”

May 15, 2017

In this edition of the On The X podcast, Rocky and J Paul are joined by Captain Tony Smith, of Cold Bay Outfitters. The guys discuss the what, when, where, how much of Duck Hunting Alaska. Duck hunting Alaska had a lot of surprises for the guys. Especially the when and how much it cost to go. Great podcast with a great guide.